Bridge: From Ethereum

24th Oct 2022

The Avalanche Bridge enables fast and secure transfers of ERC20 assets (Fungible Tokens) between the Ethereum and Avalanche networks.

How to use the Bridge

Go to and connect your Metamask

Choose your asset and the amount that you want to transfer then click Transfer
Note : If you bridge more than $75 worth of asset you will get 0.1AVAX airdropped to your wallet

Avalanche Bridge landing page


You'll be present with transaction details and ETH gas fee

Transaction details and Gas fee


After click confirm, you will see progress page where it shows how many confirmation has happened on Ethereum. All you need to do is sit back and relax until both progress bars are completed. It should take around 10 minutes from Ethereum side and around 5-10 seconds on Avalanche side.
You can also click on Metamask icon to add transferred token's contract on Avalanche side.

This page shows progress from both Ethereum and Avalanche side


Now when both side is finalized, you'll be presented with the transaction details, which will show how long it actually took to bridge your asset from Ethereum to Avalanche. And now you can enjoy using DeFi on fastest and most decentralized blockchain.

Transaction Details